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Why is seed cleaning important?

The degree of seed cleaning for different crops, including oilseeds, should strictly comply with the corresponding GOST regulations, considering the specifications of crops and production experience accumulated over the years. However, the internal SGT requirements are higher by an average of 10%, and that makes Seed Global Technologies different from all others.

Seed class depends on:

  1. germination rate;
  2. impurities percentage;
  3. number of weeds and seed of other crops (pcs) per 1 kg of the crop seed.

The first class seed cleaning allows the following content of weed impurities (per 1 kg of the mixture, pcs):

  • for cereals - 5;
  • millet - 10;
  • flax - 500;
  • bigseed false flax - 100;
  • sunflower - 0;
  • peas - 0.

The purity standards included in GOSTs are just acceptable. It is understood, that anyways, earnest seed producers will ensure that the seeds of different crops, especially ones valuable for food, intended for sale for different purposes, do not contain any impurities at all.

At first glance, it seems that weeds are not significantly dangerous for sowing, but the situation can be changed if there are new weeds or weeds that difficult to separate appeared even among a small number of impurities. Such a turn would threaten the entire yield of the seed company.

On the other hand, additional seed cleaning can have an excessive damaging effect on the seed coat. In order to achieve the optimal cleaning result at the first attempt, our Seed Plant properly selects only high quality seed-cleaning equipment, provided by reliable suppliers.

We have professional agronomists and technologists in our team, for whom seed cleaning has become a professional activity in course of many years of work. Even if there is the minimum amount of weed impurities remained after separation, their quantity corresponds to the standards of Class 1.

The agronomist knows exactly which impurities could remain in the seeds of a particular crop, and what kind of consequences to expect during storage, sowing and harvesting. If the impurities are harmless, the seed lot of the main crop does not need additional cleaning. Being attentive to their work, our specialists achieve amazing results.