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Seed preparation

For a Unique Seed Plant, seed cleaning is not a complicated process if approached carefully. We use a variety of machines and equipment. The processing or preparation of seeds includes several stages. The whole procedure involves the separation of seeds according to certain parameters at 100% delicate mode.

Transportation of the seed material to the next operation stage is done by Z type elevator belt of foreign manufacturer (Holland), equipped with plastic buckets. The elevator's average capacity is 10 tons per hour.

We can take care of every seed lot individually, using a special technology of quitting the seed line after each machine in the chain. Besides, our production line is able to start seed preparation at any machine, depending on the quality of incoming materials.
The preparation of corn, sunflower, rapeseed and soybean seeds includes separation according to the following parameters:

  1. Size. For seed preparation, separation by size is the main, simple and effective way. As there are three characters for seed size (length, width, thickness), you can use each of them for separation. To determine the basic character, you need to work out a variety of options for each size of the main crop. We have a unique experience, which allows us to obtain top quality seeds even in difficult cases with a large number of impurities.
  2. Aerodynamic Qualities and Specific Gravity. The preparation of seeds, depending on their weight, is widely used in real terms to remove different kinds of impurities in simple fanning mills and complex seed-cleaning equipment. The critical speed depends on the seed shape. The spherical seeds have the constant speed, which is widely used for separation.

We use dry methods for seed preparation, delaminating the raw material by its specific gravity with the help of air streams on the gravity table. The experimental studies recognize this method to be the most advanced for today.
In practice, we use complex approaches for seeds preparation, separating them by size, weight, color, shape, caliber.