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Packing of seeds for sowing requires financial costs on part of manufacturers, commercial agents and seed plants to organize the workflow on their own or with the help of specialized companies.

Our Unique Seed Plant specializes in storing, packing and preparing seeds according to the individual customers' requests or manufacturers' recommendations.

Seeds can be packed in any container: paper or polyethylene bags, big-bags.

Package contains the necessary seed information.

Packing methods

Mechanical packing is ideal for big grains of oilseeds and legumes, well suited to equipment processes. The packing lines of the SGT Seed Plant are automated and fitted with special packing equipment. The products are divided into specific doses and neatly moved into the finished package. The package can be ordered and developed at SGT with the application of the customer company's logo.

Mechanical seed packing: advantages

  • We offer to pack legumes and cereals seeds in 1,000 kg polypropylene bags with a bottom valve, which are very convenient for transportation, loading in modern air seeders and sowing machines. Corn, sunflower and rapeseeds are usually packed in 3-4-layer paper bags by a certain number of seeds. A reliable container with a high degree of rigidity reduces the loss of production, increases the longevity of seeds, keeping their consumer qualities and germination rate.
  • Our company offers our own containers for packing seeds. We observe all technological requirements and specifications while packing. Packing equipment allows us to increase the efficiency of automated processes. As a result, we complete all orders with high accuracy and compliance with delivery time. Each package has an individual number, the history of which can be traced from the field or from the first day of arrival to a unique SGT seed plant.