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Primary cleaning of seeds

The demand for high quality seeds of sunflower, rapeseed, soybean, corn and other crops has considerably increased. Many Russian regions had no high-quality equipment for seed cleaning, drying and preparation. Incomplete equipment is not suitable for modern seed treatment for sowing. Such seeds cannot produce good yield, since a significant part of them is defected. The majority of existing seed plants are either outdated, or work within agricultural holdings for their own needs, and these plants do not intend to provide services to the outside companies. SGT has taken into account the above-mentioned experience and is offering an individual approach.

SGT Seed Plant has modern production and warehouse complexes, aimed at individualization and high quality of all technological processes; as a result, we obtain high quality seeds with higher yield and additional profit.

Seed cleaning includes the following processes:

  • weighing on truck scales;
  • sampling of the total bulks;
  • sample analysis, and establishment of a stock card;
  • acceptance of either heap in the dump pit, or batches in big-bags and standard bags;
  • lifting with Z type elevators at delicate mode, providing saving of the primary seed germination;
  • primary cleaning with special equipment of lattice type with stone and metal removers. The equipment capacity is 50 tons per hour;
  • acceptance of small lots is possible.

The deeper cleaning process on the modern equipment helps to remove unnecessary and harmful impurities from the original grain material. As a result, we get the pure seeds of one crop; the internal quality standards for germination are higher than the GOST of the Russian Federation by 10%.

Seed cleaning allows to improve germination, vigor, uniformity and to select only the best samples for sowing. On average, only 60% of the seeds from the field are sent for certification, the rest are rigidly rejected. Each batch of seeds is individually analyzed, cleaned and stored.

Seed cleaning should take into account not only the specificity of crops, but also the germination, tested in practice, as well as the average percentage of wastes. For example, for such crops as peas and sunflower, no weed percentage is allowed. Standards allow some dockage percentage, but we take care that after cleaning our seeds do not contain any impurities of other crops.

Additional cleaning can have a negative damaging effect on the seeds, so our seed global technologies have been correctly selected and well adjusted. We use the foreign seed-cleaning equipment imported from 8 countries of the world, and we have the opportunity to individualize the approach to cleaning each type of crop.