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Basic rules for storing the seeds04.09.2017. Basic rules for storing the seeds

For storage, it is reasonable to select the seeds obtained from the plants seeded early as they have lower moisture content.

The importance of seed cleaning04.09.2017. The importance of seed cleaning

For mechanical harvesting, the cleaning process starts on the fields and ends in the storage facilities, where the seeds are cleaned more thoroughly and sorted by grades for different purposes.

All about growing corn04.09.2017. All about growing corn

Not everyone knows the secrets of successful corn production, besides, if you want to get good yield you need to know the information on additional factors of influence.

It’s Good to Know About Rapeseed 04.09.2017. It’s Good to Know About Rapeseed

The world of plants is so diverse that the majority of people have never encountered many varieties and species in their everyday life and most of them even have no idea what these plants look like. This can also be applied to rapeseed.

High Sunflower Yield04.09.2017. High Sunflower Yield

In 2016, there were more than 5.5 sunflower ha with an average yield over 2 tons per ha. However, the croppage does not satisfy the needs of the oilseed industry in the country. Methods of increasing yield and breeding matters still remain relevant.

It’s Good to Know 17.06.2017. It’s Good to Know

Soybean is used in food and agricultural industry, as well as in medicine. It is a cheap source of protein, essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The increased interest in the soybean is due to a significant lack of protein in the Russian Federation citizens diet.